The Journey from Just Because Treats to Margot & Montañez

Some of you may know that we’ve changed our name, and how we look recently, although we’re still making the same delicious, indulgent sweet treats every day.

Why the change?

Pull up a chair, grab a tea or coffee and perhaps an Alfajor or two, and we’ll tell you.



Once upon a time…

No, not really, as this isn’t a fairy tale. But like many people, our founder Jen started her business as a sideline. A way to share her love of baking, and the favourites from back in Venezuela that she’d been missing.

When you do that sort of thing, you don’t necessarily think much about the name. When you’re juggling a full-time job, your family and friends and baking for markets, then there’s not much time left for much else. So you just get on with it.

Just Because Treats came about from that sort of feeling of why should I have a treat…well, some days, just because I feel like it!


The missing link

People were falling in love with our delicious Alfajores and the range of flavours was expanding. But people didn’t immediately get the authentic South-American roots from Just Because Treats.

Indeed many people thought that we were a stylish but conservative British brand!

Which is not a bad thing, but we knew we had a more inspiring story to tell.

When Jen told them her story, about la abuela Margot and about her own world travels and getting homesick. That was the missing spark - the vibrancy and joy of life in the food and fiestas of South America. This deserved to be reflected in our name - and so the transition from Just Because Treats to Margot & Montanez!


OK, tell me more!

One of the good thing about doing farmers markets is that you get to chat to lots of people. They are the perfect place for some informal research, and people are generally very open to (honestly) tell you what they think and why. From what they told us, we managed to get a strong idea of what they were looking for in a treat, and why. 

For some people, it was about discovering something new. For others, it’s about travel, either in their imagination or taste buds, or reliving their travels throughout South America.

They loved the element of novelty, the story about la abuela Margot, and also having something different to share with family and loved ones. 

Possibly fair to say some even liked having the bragging rights of being the first to serve something a little bit unusual to their friends!


Time to change

Armed with a range of different ideas and information from our customers, we were ready to consider how to make all of those things into something real. Sometimes you need a bit of help, another pair of eyes and some professional input. 

We brilliantly worked with Kerri Awosile, a fantastic local designer, to help us identify a new brand name, a new tagline…the things that would help us to better tell our story of what we stand for as a brand. 


Adding colour to Margot & Montañez

Once we captured the new brand name and positioning, we wanted to bring them to life in glorious technicolour. Working with Kerri, we identified the colours people associate with South America, along with vibrant patterns. 

She also found a way to incorporate the national flower of Venezuela, the orchid Cattleya mossiae.  Not the snappiest name, so it’s also known as the flor de Mayo or May flower. It provides one of the design elements and really started to bring that South American flavour to life. 

Margot & Montañez branding

Putting it all together

All tasty recipes start out as just a collection of separate ingredients. Working through this process has felt a bit the same. New name, new colours, new fonts, new words; all had to work together to tell our story and be distinctive. 

We want our customers to be able to recognise Margot & Montanez wherever we turn up and know that something good is about to happen. We want to replicate that feeling that people had when they used to go through the gate at la abuela Margot’s house for dinner or one of her many parties. Good food, good times and greater memories always lay ahead.


The future

It took us a few months (thanks COVID-19!) to go from conservative and somehow restrained brand to something more joyful and colourful with proud roots in the indulgent treats heritage of South America. We might be baking in Surrey, for the UK and beyond but our roots are in Caracas!

Like the best recipes though, we’ll probably keep refining them and trying new things. When you’re distinctive and innovative, then you have to keep moving forward. We’re a brand inspired by travels around the world and people who we have met alongside so it seems right that we keep moving.


Tell us what you think

We’d love to know what you think of our before and after. We really hope that everyone can now see exactly where we’ve come from and what we stand for. We’re hoping you’ll see us and think it’s time for super tasty sweet treats.

You might have your own trip memories through the many different regions of South America, the sights, sounds and colours that just bring you back to a different location. We’d love you to recall what those are, and how what we do brings them to life for you.


Thank you for coming with us

Some of you have been with us right from the very start, back in the Just Because Treats days. Some of you have recently discovered the temptation of a delicious artisan Alfajor, a slice of dulce de leche cake or maybe a sweetcorn cheesecake pot. It doesn’t matter when or where you found us; we just wanted to say thank you for all your support, your feedback and enthusiasm for what we’re doing.

Have a question, want to learn more about the rebranding process or just fancy a virtual chat? Then drop us a line!

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