Our Alfajores Wow the Fine Food Digest Editor’s Choice Team

How do you stand out in a crowd? Especially when that crowd is a gathering of some of the most exciting artisan food and drink products in the UK.

This is the crowd our Alfajores found themselves in during the Fine Food Show North in 2020. This was our last show under our previous name, Just Because Treats. Run by the Guild of Fine Food, this trade show is a showcase of the finest artisan food and drink products from around the UK. You’ll find buyers from many of the UK’s best-loved independent food stores and farm shops visiting to find new treats to tempt customers like you with.


An expert panel to impress

A bit like the panel at BBC Radio 4 The Kitchen Cabinet, the members of this panel know their stuff. But as they said, this show has a reputation for unearthing treats from lesser-known cuisines from around the world. And we know that not everyone has heard of Alfajores before, so we do like that Margot & Montañez has the chance to surprise people, and delight their taste buds!

The team on the panel had a hard time choosing their winners this year, as they told us that not only had the number of products to choose from increased, but also the quality of the products was exceptionally high this year. A tough crowd indeed!


Alfajores at Fine Food Show North

Why did they pick our Alfajores?

Who doesn’t want to get an email with comments like this?


“I can confirm that your Alfajores - Dulce de leche stood out from the crowd and wowed the team, and understandably was selected as one of the Editor’s Choice products – congratulations again!"


That’s going to make your day, and it certainly made ours. They particularly loved that our Alfajores are naturally gluten-free, so make a luxurious treat for coeliac and anyone with a gluten intolerance.

Even if you’re not following a gluten-free diet, then there’s still plenty to enjoy, from the soft sandwich biscuit to the sumptuous dulce de leche filling.


Alfajores in the spotlight

Having been selected by the panel, our Alfajores got their moment of stardom. Every visitor to Fine Food Show North would have seen them on the exclusive Editor’s Choice display at the show. It certainly encouraged people to come and find us to discover more. We suspect it might also have been so they could come and try them as well, but we’re never going to discourage that kind of behaviour!


Our Alfajores are featured in the April 2020 edition of Fine Food Digest, the trade magazine for independent delicatessens, farm shops, food halls and speciality food buyers.

  Fine Food Show North - Dulce de Leche Alfajores Biscuits by Margot & Montanez

In great company!

You could create a fabulous day of eating and drinking just from all the products that joined us on the Editor’s Choice display.

From coffee from Voyager Coffee to the fusilli from The Yorkshire Pasta Company, you’d be spoilt for choice.

If you need some savoury choices before you get into all of our sweet treats, then it’d be worth making a batch of the Coconut Curried Lentil Soup from Kandy Kitchen Creations. For those of you who like it spicy, then adding in a spoonful of the Deluxe Vegan Chilli Sauce from Hobros might be just the thing for you.

And for a cold drink on the side, then try the Posh Pop Lighter in Strawberry & Rhubarb from Breckland Orchard. Apparently, it’s like a liquid rhubarb and custard sweet, but not sickly sweet.

Congratulations to all our fellow winners!


Saying farewell to Just Because Treats

This was the last show we did as Just Because Treats, so it was amazing to go out on a high with this award. But don’t worry, we might have changed our name and our packaging, but the recipe for our Alfajores has, of course, stayed the same. We know the panel wouldn’t notice any difference between what they tried then and what we do now!

You can find out more about the story of our rebranding. We realised from all the shows we had done that people were fascinated by our authentic South American roots and in our founder Jen’s story and that of la abuela Margot. That’s the reason you’ll now find us at Margot & Montañez, decked out in the vibrant colours of South America..


Ready to try them yourself?

Are you ready for a new kind of sweet treat ? Discover our full range of flavours, from the traditional dulce de leche to a selection of fruity and nutty versions.

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