About Margot & Montañez

All started with the abuela Margot

What do you crave when
you're homesick?

For many of us, a taste of home can take us right back to a different time and place, to the people and places we love, the warmth of gatherings with friends and family.  Or maybe you’re a world traveller, looking to recapture the tastes and smells of your travels, the memories of places and times.


Margot & Montañez springs from both of those, to bring you a new experience of South American family favourites for a sweet indulgence. Inspired by a taste of our home and family events to add some sunshine and flavour to yours.


Come on a sweet journey with us.



Where we began

Jen, Margot & Montañez Founder

Travel teaches many lessons and adds colour and life to our lives, but it can also, just occasionally, make us hanker after something familiar...

    • Food can take us back to happier times in a flash,
    • The tastiest way to discover the culture of a country is through its food,
    • The quickest way to get to know people is by getting together over food.
        A shared plate of homemade Alfajores led to new friends, and rave reviews. With a bit of encouragement, Jen started supplying one local café in Surrey, UK then a few more whilst taking the plunge at local farmer’s markets.
        But why stop at Surrey?  These little tastes of South America began to pop up all around the country and now are introduced in Australia!


        Our inspiration

        Abuela Margot


        "La abuela" (grandmother) Margot was quite the character!  She knew how to feed people, and not just their hunger, but their spirit too. Margot knew how to make people happy through celebrations and food.


        Growing up in Caracas, whenever Jen wanted to feel good, she would head to "la abuela" Margot’s home. The moment she walked through the door, the comforting aroma of home baking and cooking would call from the kitchen. 
        Margot passed away at the age of 73, having lived a good life and given many people the joy of delicious food. Having lit the passion for cooking and baking in Jen, she wanted to reflect the source of that initial spark. Our name honours that connection between generations: Margot & Montañez.



        Our mission

        Margot & Montañez are on a mission to bring a redefined version of South American sweet indulgences to everyone. Combining authentic family recipes with flavour inspirations from around the world, we’ll take you on a journey of discovery to maximum indulgence and surprising flavours to enhance the memories you create when sharing our delicious treats.


        Get together with your loved ones to share and celebrate the joy of every day, not just special days, with a touch of sweet, tasty indulgence. 


        Discover how we’ve are redefining the tastes of South America. Why not start by learning all about our Alfajores?