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Indulgently different

Are you looking for something unique to give to your loved ones, serve at an event or entice your customers? Treat them to something unexpected and indulgently delicious.

Raspberries & White Chocolate Alfajores

"I can't even begin to explain how much I love your alfajores! Lighter, slightly less sweet and somehow even tastier than macarons. I could happily devour a mountain of these!"

- Kia, Godalming

The best place to buy alfajores outside South-America

"I love everything...
They are gorgeous tasty treats. I think I am addicted to them. Just ordered another 4 boxes!"

- Lindsey, Horsham

"We didn't know about these delicious and light biscuits until Jen introduced them to us. They've become one of our staples on our cake display. You will be addicted. Guaranteed"

- Inci, Aromas Cafe, Weybridge

Life is too short for boring biscuits

Life is too short for boring biscuits

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