Spreads & Sauces

Melbourne's Gateway to Authentic South American Flavours

Discover a world of tantalising tastes with Margot & Montañez's curated collection of Latin American spreads and sauces.

For the curious Melbourne foodies, delve into our velvety dulce de leche spread, or the vibrant yet smooth guasacaca - a Venezuelan avocado sauce gem. Savour the tropical richness of our papaya jam and the tangy passionfruit curd, among other exotic selections.

This is a call to all Latin migrants in Melbourne missing the familiar tastes of home, and food enthusiasts ready to embark on a new culinary journey. Each product, passionately crafted with premium ingredients, promises a genuine Latin experience right here in Melbourne.

Elevate your culinary experiences with Margot & Montañez - the bridge between Melbourne's bustling lanes and Latin America's flavourful streets.

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