The one when The Kitchen Cabinet panel tried our Alfajores

When BBC Radio 4's The Kitchen Cabinet invited our founder to bring her alfajores along, she knew she'd be facing a panel of food obsessives with a massive interest in all things food and drinks.

If you’ve got a question on what to do with obscure things lurking in your cupboards, then this panel is probably going to have an idea on what to cook or bake with it.

With food and drink luminaries such as Jay Rayner and Andi Oliver, alongside Jordan Burke, Sophie Wright and Dr. Annie Gray, we think it’s reasonable to say that they’re almost as obsessed with good food as we are!

We’re huge fans of the show and love to hear the panel trying all kinds of regional dishes or different things made by local artisans. They’re also big on the history of different recipes, even the ones that sound dreadful and best left behind in the past.


The Kitchen Cabinet comes to Woking

When they came to our adopted home town of Woking, we were delighted that Jen got an invite to introduce the team to delights of our delicious melt-in-your-mouth Alfajores. It was amazing to be part of the show, and to talk about what we do best.

The biggest surprise for Jen was that it would be the very first time the panel members had tried any Alfajores, let alone our versions. As she said, “You just assume when you see the names involved that they’ll have tried everything before – they’re all so knowledgeable and well-travelled. So to have to introduce a product that I’ve put so much love and passion into in front of a couple of hundred people and on the radio was daunting.”

But none of that held back the panel! They love to eat and are always up for trying something new. They got stuck into trying these delicious sweet treats with absolute relish.


What did The Kitchen Cabinet panel think of our Alfajores?

Well, Jen got a proposal of marriage from chef Andi Oliver, who declared “That is the best biscuit I’ve ever had in my life. Light and soft, not too sweet, perfectly balanced. Beautiful. Absolutely perfect.

So, think we can be clear that she liked them! You probably know Andi can be quite demanding if you’ve ever seen her in the judging chamber on Great British Menu. Getting compliments like that from someone with those high standards was a real moment to treasure.

In fact, when we sent her a box of the seasonal flavours after the show she told us she had to fight her partner off them. We’ll take compliments like that any day of the week!

And Jay Rayner just said that “they are really very, very good.”

Can’t ask for better than that. Understated and to the point, but a good recommendation in our book. It was a pretty emotional experience, and positive feedback like that helped Jen to know that she was heading in the right direction.


Listen for yourself

You can have a listen to the recording for yourself below. This was back when our business was known as Just Because Treats, but don’t panic, even as Margot & Montañez, we use the same recipe and ingredients today as we did then. Only the name changed. If you want to know more about the story behind our name change, then you can read all about it here.

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Want to discover what the panel was so taken with? Head to our shop and try them for yourself. Though no more proposals of marriage please, Jen’s definitely spoken for!

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