The Stories Behind the Flavours of Our Alfajores

If you’re travelling through South America, then you’ll probably come across Alfajores everywhere. Unlike the choices from Margot & Montañez though, you’ll tend to find the same flavours, most commonly dulce de leche and chocolate, sometimes guava. All utterly delicious flavours, wrapped up in those melt in the mouth sandwich biscuits. Nothing wrong with those at all, that’s why they continue to be also our favourites!




We love tradition and well-loved flavours, especially those inherited from la abuela Margot. Yet, when we started Margot & Montañez, we wanted to keep the best of tradition whilst adding other favourite flavour combinations. We’re on a mission to offer you redefined versions of South American sweet indulgences.
Whilst travelling the world, we’ve discovered new ingredients and flavour combinations that have been difficult not to fall in love with. Equally, we’ve met fascinating people who had their own ideas for flavours, or just something they loved that set us off on several rounds of trial and test exercises.
Our current flavours were the favourites from a tasting session Jen held before leaving the corporate world for full-time baking. That’s the kind of meeting you’d want to get an invite to!







LEMON & LIME -  Who doesn’t love the brightness and vibrancy of citrus? This flavour combination came from Jen’s former colleague, Sofia. Originally from Malaysia, this is her favourite blend, where the sunshine melts with the flavours of home-cooked dishes. 
For us, it sums up a tangy, sweet taste of sunny days in the tropics. Make your elevenses or afternoon treat go with a bit more of a zing with this one.



HAZELNUT GANACHE & PISTACHIOS - This one got a big thumbs up at the tasting session and was driven by Jen’s cravings during a British winter. The hazelnuts, might remind you of treats from French patisseries like a hazelnut dacquoise or an opera cake, blended with a decadent chocolate ganache. Originated from the Middle East, the pistachios add that beautiful burst of green to the Alfajores, not to mention a delightful crunch in every mouthful.
Combining indulgence and nuttiness, it’s a sophisticated taste of comfort in every mouthful. Excuse the pun, but we think you’d be nuts not to try this one!



RASPBERRIES & WHITE CHOCOLATE - If you’re more of a summer lover, then this one will be for you. Thanks to a bumper harvest on her allotment, Jen made a raspberry coulis and rippled it through a buttercream for some cupcakes she was making. Thinking about how to make it even more indulgent, after a few trials, she decided on the addition of white chocolate—a perfect blend of a velvety texture with a burst of fruity bliss.
Rumour has, it that at the end of an event, Jen’s husband prays the last of these fruity Alfajores don’t get sold, so he can devour them with his Costa latte on the way home!
Bring some sunshine (or at least memories of it) to your teatime and try this one. We guarantee it will put a smile on anyone’s face.

 Orange Chocolate Alfajores


ORANGE CHOCOLATE: We initially thought this was going to be just for Christmas, to capture the flavours of a certain favourite Christmas chocolate treat. However, customers kept asking us for this flavour all year round so now it’s a keeper. Enhanced with a hint of cloves, orange zest and almonds, you might never go back to the plain chocolate version.
We think of this as a flavour upgrade to the traditional chocolate Alfajores you’ll find throughout South America. That’s what redefining flavours is all about for us.



SALTED CARAMEL - It seems no one is tired of the salty, sweet goodness of salted caramel yet. It’s a variation on the traditional Dulce de Leche without the coconut but with that slight savoury edge. We think it’s particularly perfect with a milky coffee, but we’ve not heard anyone complain when it’s served alongside tea. An all-round delicious treat.
If you wanted to pair up some flavours, then we think the Salted Caramel works particularly well with the Orange Chocolate or Hazelnut Ganache and Pistachio. Let us know what you think if you try that combination or a different one.


All our artisan Alfajores are gluten-free, as we believe everyone should be able to enjoy our biscuits. They're proudly gluten-free but it doesn’t mean they taste like cardboard… that is our promise!




If you’re following a vegetarian diet or lifestyle, then you’ll be pleased to know that all our Alfajores are vegetarian friendly. Now you can add little South American sweet treats to your day and still follow your chosen lifestyle! 




Our Alfajores are not vegan, yet! We are very close to launching a vegan friendly recipe utilising delicious homemade... watch this space!... as one of the fillings. Follow Margot & Montañez on social media or sign up for our newsletter to be first to hear the news... pretty soon!
We look forward to everyone, no matter their dietary requirements, being able to enjoy an Alfajor moment with us.




We’ve got lots of flavours in development, so keep an eye out on our social media for announcements of new delicious combinations. The testing and development is always a tasty (and fun) stage that we always look forward to!
Is there a flavour combination you fancy trying? What flavours would perk up your tea or coffee break? We’d love to know what you fancy. Just drop us an email or find us on social media and let us know. You never know, you might see it as part of our product portfolio in the near future.


Ready to try our Alfajores for yourself? Head over to our shop and get ready to tantalise your tastebuds and treat your friends and loved ones to something a little different.

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