Margot & Montañez's Sweet Legacy

Three generations of Montanez: Photo of the granda Margot, Montanez and Jen

Right at the heart of our family story lies a legacy of Venezuelan sweetness that spans through generations.
It all started with "la abuela" (grandma) Margot's treasured recipes, meticulously perfected over fifty years. Guided by her unconventional spirit, at Margot & Montañez we honour her beloved traditions while adding a fresh twist.

But let me introduce you to another key player – my father, Montañez. An unstoppable entrepreneur with an insatiable sweet tooth, he's was also the driving force behind Margot & Montañez.
His love for all things sweet ignited the spark that birthed our venture. From him, I learned that chasing dreams is always worth it, no matter how humble your beginnings. Even when the going gets tough, his unwavering determination casts light in the darkest moments.

I'm Jen, and I'm honored to be the founder of Margot & Montañez. Drawing inspiration from both grandma Margot's culinary passion, spreading joy through food and my father's resilience and knack for sweet treats, my journey led me from Venezuela to the UK.
There, I breathed new life into our cherished family recipes, resulting in artisanal creations like our beloved alfajores. These delights earned praise from critics and food enthusiasts, solidifying our dedication.

Now, settled in Australia's foodies heaven, Melbourne, we're keeping this legacy alive and thriving. As a migrant, I'm infusing a blend of cultures and a genuine love for celebration into the Aussie scene.
From the heavenly melt-in-your-mouth alfajores to tres leches cakes and an array of irresistible desserts, our offerings are designed to elevate every moment with the essence of South American indulgence.

Be part of our journey! Together, let's share the flavours, the affection, and the indomitable spirit of grandma Margot's treasured desserts and my father's unwavering determination.
Margot & Montañez welcomes you to join a voyage where tradition dances harmoniously with innovation, where heritage melds seamlessly with modernity, and where the sheer joy of Venezuelan and South American sweetness graces tables across Australia.

Collage of photos with South American desserts

Our Mission: Crafting Indulgent Memories

Margot & Montañez are on a mission to redefine South American sweet indulgences. By blending authentic family recipes with globally-inspired flavours, we're inviting you to embark on a journey of exploration into realms of indulgence and unexpected taste.

Together with your loved ones, let's celebrate not just special occasions, but every single day, by adding our delightful treats to your moments of joy.



We ship Alfajores and small bakes Australia-wide.
If you're based in Melbourne, you can also collect your cakes from
our baking studio on 389 Victoria Street Abbotsford VIC 3067
(by appointment only).