Virtual Alfajores Class Instructions

Collage of photos for virtual alfajores baking masterclass


Bienvenidos (as)!

We hope you're excited about learning how to make alfajores, the most loved Latin American sweet biscuits!

By now you'd have received your baking kit. Below you'll find what to prepare before the class, how to log in to the class, and a bonus Latin playlist to get you in the baking mood at home.

Can't wait to bake with you!


Your kit includes:

  • 100g caster sugar
  • 240g M&M premium flour blend
  • 150g M&M Dulce de Leche (please refrigerate once received)
  • 40g organic shredded coconut
  • 1 x wood rolling pin
  • Chocolate callets for decoration

What you will need:

  • 80g butter 
  • 1 medium egg 
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 x large bowl
  • 1 x wooden spoon, hand or food mixer
  • Beeswax wrap or (compostable) cling film
  • 2 x baking trays
  • Round cutter (about 7cm diameter or smaller for bite-size alfajores)
  • Unbleached parchment paper

On the day:

  • Measure all the ingredients and gather all utensils and equipment required ahead of the masterclass.
  • Using the link provided, log in 5 minutes before the class to test your video/audio connection
  • Pre-heat the oven when there is 10 minutes left from cooling the dough
  • Have your favourite coffee, tea or sparkling wine ready to toast and enjoy with your freshly baked alfajores!
  • What about trying our baking playlist? (QR code below)
  • Show off your newly discovered affinity to South-America and tag @margotandmontanez


How to access the class: 

To log in to the Virtual Alfajores Baking Masterclass:

  1. Click on the class Zoom link
  2. Enter your Zoom login details or create a new account.
  3. Log in about 5 minutes before the class to test your video/audio connection.
  4. Get ready for a fun and interactive baking session... and most importantly, enjoying your delicious creations afterwards!


To enhance your baking experience, we have prepared an exclusive Latin music playlist to enjoy while you make your alfajores at home.

Simply scan the QR code below using your smartphone's camera or a QR code scanning app, and it will direct you to the playlist on your preferred streaming platform.

Margot & Montanez Baking Latin Playlist


We hope you have a fantastic time baking your own alfajores.

Remember to tag us (@margotandmontanez #homebakedalfajores) on your pictures to share them with our community.

Happy baking and enjoy every mouthful of these delicious treats!