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A distinctive offering for your customers

Surprise and indulge your customers' taste buds with our exclusive South American sweet treats. Our specialty Alfajores are a perfect blend of tradition and indulgence, ideal for those seeking a unique, sweet experience.
  • Perfect Pairing with Beverages: Alfajores offer a delightful sweet note when paired with coffee or tea, enhancing the overall dining experience.
  • Ideal Post-Meal Treat: Light yet satisfying, they are the perfect conclusion to any meal, offering a memorable finish.
  • Unique Gift Option: Looking for a thoughtful present for food-loving friends and family? Our Alfajores are not just treats; they are a gesture of love and appreciation.
Savour these authentic South American delicacies and add an extraordinary touch to your everyday dining or gifting occasions.


Watch Delishops Founder, Charlie Turnbull, unboxing our Alfajores  


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