Amor Alfajores

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Melbourne's Love Affair with South American Cookies

Deep in South America, "Amar" or to love, is an emotion that resonates deeply and passionately. With our Amor Alfajores, we've captured this essence, offering what many have come to call the best alfajores in Australia.

Experience a Delightful Tapestry of Flavours
Every bite of our Amor Alfajores is a carefully curated experience. With a rich coating of exquisite luxury Venezuelan chocolate, it introduces you to the surprises within.

  • Amor Rubus A dance of velvety raspberry ganache harmonising with crisp freeze-dried raspberries encased in creamy white chocolate.
  • Amor Dulce de Leche Experience the creamy dulce de leche uplifted by the tropical notes of guava alfajor bathed in milky premium chocolate.
  • Amor Pistachia Dive into a world where pistachio and hazelnut chocolate ganaches come together, delivering a nutty wonder covered in premium dark chocolate.

Crafted with love and dedication, our alfajores offer an unbeatable combination of premium and gluten-free ingredients.

Journey Beyond the Ordinary
Our alfajores are not just a treat to the taste buds. With every morsel, they transport you to vibrant South American landscapes, bringing you closer to the continent where love thrives in every corner.

Celebrate with Australia's Best
If you're wondering where to buy alfajores in Melbourne and Australia that elevate every occasion, you're in the right place. From Valentine’s Day to distinctive corporate gifting or everyday surprises, Amor Alfajores is the Aussie's answer to sharing love or expressing gratitude the Latin way!

Elegantly Packaged, Ready to Impress
Each set of Amor Alfajores is presented in a chic trio box, making it the perfect gift. It's a testament to love, care, and premium quality that creates lasting impressions.

Order Alfajores Online, Delivered to Your Doorstep
Conveniently order alfajores online from the comfort of your home or office. Whether you're in Melbourne or anywhere across Australia, we promise to bring the passionate lands of South America closer to you.

Dive into the love-filled world of Amor Alfajores and discover why they are the best choice for (also gluten-free) alfajores lovers across Australia.

Experience love, experience quality; experience the best alfajores Melbourne has to offer.


ALLERGENS (in bold)

  • Dulce de Leche and Raspberries & White Chocolate variants: Milk, Eggs, Soy
  • Hazelnut ganache & pistachio variant: Milk, Eggs, Hazelnuts, Pistachios, Soy

Customer Reviews

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Jen sure knows how to create sweet magic!

I found Amor Alfajores at my local food market, and it was love at first bite! As an Indian with a taste for bold flavours, these alfajores impressed me. The dulce de leche, creamy centre and chocolate, was an interesting fusion, almost like a sweet masala chai in a cookie. Shame I ate them before sharing with the fam!

Yeah.. that’s amor.

A mouth watering, three part symphony of flavor and texture! You crack through a smooth chocolate casing to be met with a fluffy centre and a sweetness that lingers yet leaves you wanting more.