Bitter No More: Discovering the Hidden Secrets of Luxurious Chocolate

In the delightful world of chocolates, there's more than meets the eye. We're exploring the secrets behind high-quality chocolate, debunking the myth of inherent bitterness, and shining a light on the exquisite craftsmanship of our Amor Alfajores.

Cacao Bean Variety:
The Heart of Chocolate Quality

Not all cacao beans are equal. The quality of chocolate begins at its source - the cacao bean. High-yield, commercial varieties often result in a more bitter flavour, lacking the depth and complexity of finer beans. Often, they're either under-roasted or, in many instances, used while still green, leading to a compromised taste that falls short of the standard.

Specialty and rarer varieties, however, are known for their naturally sweet tasting notes and intricate flavour profiles. These high-quality beans yield chocolate that’s rich in taste and low in bitterness, distinguishing premium products like those used in our alfajores and cakes. 

High Quality Cacao Beans | Margot & Montanez Chocolate Alfajores Melbourne
Roasting Chocolate Beans | Margot & Montanez Chocolate Covered Alfajores

Understanding Bitterness in Chocolate

Bitterness in chocolate doesn't necessarily equate to quality. Premium dark chocolates strike a balance, showcasing the beans' natural flavours without overwhelming bitterness. This balance is a hallmark of high-quality chocolate, much sought after in the Australian market.

The Excellence of Venezuelan Chocolate

Venezuela's cocoa, especially from regions like Carenero, Barlovento and Carúpano, as well as the exceptional "Criollo" from Maracaibo, stands out for its quality. These beans are prized for their complex flavour profiles, contributing to chocolates that are rich and flavourful, with just a hint of natural sweetness - a perfect example of how bean variety impacts the final product.

The "Criollo" cocoa, synonymous with luxury in the chocolate world, is a rare and precious ingredient. Its scarcity and high cost mean that it is seldom used alone in chocolate production.

Originating from several countries, including Venezuela, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, the Samoan Islands, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar, Criollo represents less than 3% of global cocoa production.

The term 'Criollo,' meaning 'of local origin' in Spanish, is fitting for this high-quality bean known for its aromatic qualities and a notable lack of bitterness.

In the bean-to-bar process, the selection of beans is crucial. We're proud to choose only the finest chocolate made with Venezuelan beans whenever possible.

This meticulous approach ensures that our chocolate based products embody a symphony of authentic and high-quality flavours that resonate with chocolate connoisseurs in Australia and beyond.

Premium Chocolate from High Quality Cocoa Beans Used on Alfajores Melbourne

Avoiding Low-Quality Chocolate

Discerning chocolate enthusiasts seek chocolates made from specialty or rare cacao varieties. These chocolates will be less bitter and more flavourful, a clear indicator of quality.


Always check the label for the type of cacao beans used to ensure a premium chocolate experience.


A Mark of Quality & Craftmanship

Quality chocolate products are an art form that begins with the right cacao beans.

Margot & Montañez’s commitment to using specialty chocolate made with Venezuelan beans results in distinctive products - rich, flavourful, and with just the right touch of sweetness. Our Amor Alfajores go beyond being just treats; they're a testament to the elegance and homage to fine chocolate making.


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